Assignment 2: Correlation of Job to first course of the


  • Assignment 2:  Correlation of Job to first course of the term
    This assignment requires you to reflect and correlate your job to the first course of the term.  This assignment is due Friday, 5:00 pm, of the last week of the first course in the term.

    1. Courses I Am Taking This Term– Describe the first eight-week (course #, course title, & course description from the syllabus).
    2. List Outcomes from Course – List the outcomes (objectives) as written in the course syllabus from this course.
    3. Apply Your Work Experiences to The Course – Correlate your job responsibilities with the course outcomes listed above.
    4. Length of Assignment –250 words, double-spaced using Times New Roman, 12 pt. font. Use the template provided in eLearn.

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