250 words For this week Skill Building Activity, you will

250 words


For this week Skill Building Activity, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Watch the “Supply Chain Sustainability at Clif Bar & Company” video Supply Chain Design at Clif Bar & Company from GMC Online Course Development on Vimeo.
  2. Review the “Supply Chain Sustainability at Clif Bar & Company” video case on pages 597-598.
  3. Respond with answers to the questions using your critical thinking and moral reasoning skills.  If you are asked to draw an illustrative figure such as a chart, graph, or diagram, please do so and upload your document/s with your responses.  Refer to your uploaded document/s in your responses, e.g., Question 2: See attached MS PowerPoint presentation for my detailed flowchart of the Ice Cream making process.

Questions 1. In what ways does clif bar have a sustainable supply chain?

2. Regarding financial responsibility, what business risk does cliff bar and company face with so many parts of its supply chain outsourced?

3. What issues or risks to sustainability could cliff bar and company encounter if it chose to expand to international markets? 

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