Please answer the last 3 parts Reference Reflection (5 min.):

Please answer the last 3 parts


Reflection (5 min.): 

Assessment: (Come up with questions that will help you to assess the success of the class. Examples: Were students able to follow instructions? Were they able to understand and physicalize the concepts of the class? Were they able to explore creatively?) 

— EXTRA CREDIT: Interdisciplinary Connections: (Choose two other subjects, ie Visual Art, Math, Music, or any other subject that seems applicable, and describe an activity that could be done connecting this dance lesson to that subject. This is in addition to your reflection. This doesn’t need to be a fleshed-out lesson plan, but just an idea of how a teacher could connect this lesson to another subject if she/he wanted to.) Extensions: (Give an idea for how this lesson could be expanded into a larger unit plan. Again, you don’t need to outline the whole unit plan; just give an idea for how, if a teacher were to want to, this dance lesson could be further developed.) 

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