1.) Analyze the factors that led the United States to


1.) Analyze the factors that led the United States to a disengaged foreign policy during the decades between World Wars I and II. Although politically disengaged, describe the nature of our involvement in international affairs during this era. Assess Roosevelt’s foreign policy leadership in the 1930s.

2.) Develop a comprehensive look at the condition of the United States after World War II. Why does a conflict emerge between the two wartime allies, the United States and the Soviet Union? What events feed the friction? What policy, articulated by whom, calling for what, does the United States ultimately adopt to respond to international events following World War II? Describe the applications of this policy from 1947 to 1950 in Europe. 

3.) Why was establishing an effective Asian policy much more difficult than creating a similar kind of stability in Europe? Analyze America’s wartime China policy. Why did Chiang Kai-shek fall? Why was the United States unable to capitalize on the traditional antipathy between China and Russia? 

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