Research Directions: Create a Word or text document for your



  •  Directions: 
    • Create a Word or text document for your response.  
    • Use 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. 
    •  Follow APA (6th edition) format. Create a title page and references page in APA (6th edition) format.  
    • Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion.   
    • Preparing for Change and Action In this Week 1 Analysis, complete the following: Step 1: Select a community health need. Identify the setting in which the need is occurring. Step 2: Provide a rationale and data support for the identified need. Step 3: To help you think through the change process, view and download the Community Health Assessment and Group Evaluation (CHANGE) Action Guide: Building a Foundation of Knowledge to Prioritize Community Needs at 4: Skim the guide to determine steps and strategies you can use to accomplish your goal of developing a change initiative and action plan related to the identified issue. Step 5: In a 1-2 page outline, describe how you will use the steps and strategies to address the issue and assess the level of resources available and the gaps in the resource availability. As a part of the outline, address how health literacy is impacting the issue. 
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