Activity for handicapped children

Our Task: You must develop and promote 1 activity FOR HANDICAPPED CHILDREN that is unique and original and never seen before and it must be IN YOUR ASSIGNED SETTING. For this, you will use creativity as there are no limits on the cost, length or location of the activity but you must include everyone in this activity (age, gender, race/ethnicity, income status, education, etc.) and the activity must be doable and make sense.

Following the development of the activities, you must produce a brochure to promote these activities. In the brochure you must provide all information pertinent to the activities (name of activities, location, facilities, duration, inclusion, purpose of the activities (why doing them), benefits for participants, etc.) Grading: (2 documents!!!) To get full credit, you must provide in a word document with your name: the name of the activity, description in detail, duration of the activity, participant’s role playing, equipment, purpose of the activities (why doing them), benefits for participants, cost and location. Also the brochure to be sure you also have the information there. You will find a brochure example in Moodle along with the submission (UPLOAD) link for this assignment. Also be creative!!! Creativity and creative thinking is a must for this assignmen

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