Endius Case

Answer the questions in the assignment in order. Number your answers to the questions to make it clear which question you are answering. No introduction or statement of the problem is required. 2. Type your answers, double-spaced, in 12 point font. Number each page sequentially (including Exhibits) except the cover page. TEXT (not including Exhibits) MUST NOT EXCEED TWO (2) PAGES. Margins must be reasonable, no smaller than 1 inch on all sides. 3. Clearly show all calculations done to arrive at your answers and analyses. Where possible, use Tables and Exhibits to present calculations and quantitative analyses. Position these after the two pages of text. You will be evaluated on the clarity of the presentation as well as the quality of the analysis. 4. Support your assertions with evidence drawn from the case facts, and from your analysis. 5. Calculations are only the beginning of the analysis. You must interpret the calculations and assess their implications and significance for the managerial analysis and decisions under discussion. 6. Type an 8 ½” x 11” cover page that includes your name, case name, and the date the case write-up is due. Please do not put your name on any other pages of your paper. 7. STAPLE the pages in the upper left-hand corner-. (Paper clips have a nasty habit of coming off, and pages are lost.) Submit only the stapled 8 ½” x 11” pages. 8. Do NOT copy lengthy portions of the text or assigned articles into your papers for two reasons. First, I am interested in your work, not someone else’s. Second, when you analyze a case, you must explain what is happening in a specific context. The text, on the other hand, provides general explanations not necessarily relevant to the specific case context. 9. If, however, you wish to use brief references to the work of others (including the text and readings assigned for this course, as well as any other sources you may choose), you MUST ACKNOWLEDGE THE SOURCE using appropriate footnotes. Failure to do so is plagiarism, which is grounds for failing the course as well as disciplinary action. This applies to the ideas and concepts of others, as well as their specific words:

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