Pfizer Inc.

CLICK ON THE ASSIGNMENT LINK AND READ THE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BELOW: – Cover every single sub items in the rubric (the wording under ‘description’ in the rubric). As per 1st assignment, points deducted for omissions – Some sections will require more digging and assumptions than assignment 1. Just make sure to base you assumptions on facts (and cite/reference them). – Company’s international strategy: make sure to identify which of the 4 strategies we covered in class applies to your company.

It could be that the strategy has evolved, and if that is the case, say so. It could also be that their international strategy differs per division, if applicable. ‘Company’s major strengths and weaknesses’ in this section refers to their international strategy, not a full SWOT of the company. – HR is a more challenging section. You will have to make some assumptions based, in particular, on your findings from their most recent annual report (best to use full years rather than interim reports). But it is important for you in your role of an analyst for the Ministry of Industry of a developing nation (again, the country is not important, and NOT related to your assignment 1 country!) to clearly investigate the HR practices of your company. You may even have a look at their social media to get a sense of it. Aspects such as high turnover of senior management, or employees in general (not a good sign), CRS, lawsuits, whether the company has a practice of hiring locally in their foreign subsidiaries (which would provide employment to your country, so a positive) etc etc. – Some have asked if it’s fine to use non-English websites. Yes it is for sure BUT you need to ensure that the information in your report is in English, including translating appendices you might use. – Keep in mind that some of the websites recommended by our librarians won’t apply for some of the foreign companies. Make sure to look at recent annual reports of your selected company (lots of info you can build from) as well as news from credible sources (financial sites, newspapers etc). In this assignment, you’ll need to do some digging and possibly make some assumptions to adequately cover all sub-items. All part of developing critical thinking skills!

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