Tuberous Sclerosis

Description Process: 1. Research your identified disability and focus on interventions and supports that would be beneficial to a person with this disability. a. Your task is to determine: i. General Information about the disability ii. Issues or concerns with supporting someone with this disability based on their needs and abilities. iii. Potential community resources to be accessed iv. Appropriate and realistic interventions and/or supports v. Your focus should be on how best to support the people and families in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle, but also focus on inclusion and making decisions. b. Your goal is to engage your audience and offer information and education in the form of: i. Tips, ideas and strategies and resources that might be helpful to families or others working to support those with your assigned disability. ii. You interventions, strategies and ideas should be specific and current to the unique needs of an individual with the specific disability. iii. You may visit a local association or review some documentation to gather some ideas about how you would like to present your information so that it is as useful as possible.

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