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For Milestone Two, you will describe for your audience the nature of your chosen public health issue, so that they will be able to understand and appreciate your presentation. Building upon your Milestone One worksheet submission, your analysis will include the economic principles and impacts of the principles involved with your public health issue, related socioeconomic factors, and the healthcare organizations impacted. Use the feedback you received on Milestone One to assist you in developing your introduction.

Submit your analysis as a short paper that you may use to develop speaker’s notes for your final presentation.


Describe for your audience the nature of your chosen public health issue, including the economic considerations involved.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

  1. Analysis of the Health Issue: 
    1. Outline the underlying economic principles and indicators at play using specific examples. To what extent do those principles and indicators apply in understanding your chosen public health issue? 
    2. Demonstrate the economic impacts of your public health issue. Provide specific examples of each impact. 
    3. Analyze the larger context within which your chosen public health issue exists. To what extent is the issue a product of larger socioeconomic factors? 
    4. Examine the major healthcare organizations impacted by the public health issue. How are they currently acting and reacting to the issue?

Expert Solution Preview

In this paper, we will discuss a chosen public health issue and analyze its economic considerations. The chosen public health issue is a critical topic that affects the general population and requires a comprehensive understanding of its nature and impacts. By examining the economic principles and indicators, as well as the socioeconomic factors and healthcare organizations involved, we can gain insights into the complexities of this issue. Through this analysis, we aim to develop a deeper understanding of the economic aspects and implications of the chosen public health issue.

Analysis of the Health Issue:
1. Economic Principles and Indicators:
The chosen public health issue is the increasing prevalence of obesity in our society. One of the economic principles at play in understanding this issue is the concept of supply and demand. The high demand for unhealthy food options and sedentary lifestyles has resulted in the supply and availability of such products and services. Additionally, the principle of externalities is relevant as the economic costs of obesity, such as healthcare expenses and reduced productivity, impact not only the individuals affected but also society as a whole.

2. Economic Impacts:
The economic impacts of obesity are significant and wide-ranging. Firstly, healthcare costs associated with obesity are substantial. Examples include expenses related to obesity-related medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and joint problems. These costs burden both individuals and healthcare systems. Secondly, there is a loss of productivity due to obesity-related disabilities and reduced work efficiency. This affects individuals’ earning potential and overall economic growth. Furthermore, indirect costs such as absenteeism and lower job performance contribute to decreased productivity.

3. Larger Socioeconomic Factors:
Obesity is influenced by various socioeconomic factors. Limited access to affordable healthy food options in low-income neighborhoods contributes to unhealthy dietary choices. Socioeconomic disparities also affect physical activity levels, as individuals with lower socioeconomic status may have limited access to safe recreational spaces or fitness facilities. Additionally, education and employment opportunities can impact lifestyle choices and overall health outcomes. Thus, the issue of obesity is intricately linked to larger socioeconomic factors.

4. Healthcare Organizations:
Numerous healthcare organizations are impacted by the public health issue of obesity. These organizations include hospitals, clinics, healthcare providers, insurers, and public health agencies. Currently, healthcare organizations are utilizing various strategies to address the issue, such as implementing preventive programs, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, and offering obesity management services. Additionally, they are actively conducting research to understand the causes and consequences of obesity, allowing for evidence-based interventions and policy development.

In conclusion, the public health issue of obesity has significant economic considerations. Understanding the underlying economic principles, such as supply and demand and externalities, helps us grasp the dynamics of this issue. The economic impacts of obesity encompass healthcare costs and reduced productivity. Additionally, socioeconomic factors play a crucial role in the prevalence of obesity, highlighting the need for holistic approaches. Healthcare organizations are actively engaged in combating the issue through various strategies. By addressing the economic aspects of obesity, stakeholders can design effective interventions and promote healthier lifestyles in society.

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