Introduction 1 Oluebube Ogoazi Chamberlain University Critical Reasoning Dr. Stephens March 10, 2024 2 What benefits would defunding




Oluebube Ogoazi

Chamberlain University

Critical Reasoning

Dr. Stephens

March 10, 2024


What benefits would defunding the police actually bring?

I have chosen this topic specifically because police brutality has become a

more pressing issue since social media became wide spread. Personal history also

connects me to this issue due to incidents that have happened with my brother. My

brother has faced police brutality from Nigeria even moving to the United states. The

reason this topic was chosen is because there are a number of reasons why the police

should be defunded, including the reduced biases, less violent crime by police and

relocating funds to working and succeful organizations.

One of the main reasons why police should be defunded is reduced biases.

Policing has been effective I going after certain groups of people including, foreigners,

marginalized people and people of certain races. Racial profiling indulges and

perpetuates the description that already marginalized people face. Police should not be

given the opportunity to “guess” who has committed a crime. Believing someone is

crime perpetrator without evidence or facts but solely on how they look like leads to

violence and trauma. Another human or group of people should not wield that


Defuding the police also reduces violence and death caused by biases,

discrimination and racial profiling. Police having the authority to choose who they

believe is guilty is detrimental to the people. Detrimental because it leads to violence,

severe injury and sometimes death of people in the community. These incidences

have happened more often than none, and with the prevalence of social media it is

becoming a more informed about topic (PBS news). For example, the incident with

George Floyd in 2020, which became popular because of the media.

These multiple experiences are part of the reason that people and citizens do

not have trust for the police. The original purpose of the police was “slave patrol”


according to the NAACP and that has become increasingly known to the public.

People that are meant to protect and serve as well as gain and retain people’s trust are

evidently not doing their jobs. Still, they consume tax payer dollars when these funds

can be allocated into an organization that actually works.



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