Can someone help me with this homework assignmen? Only 15 questions. Last Name _____________________________ First Name ____________________ Major

Can someone help me with this homework assignmen? Only 15 questions.

Last Name _____________________________ First Name ____________________ Major _________________

1. Complete the following statement: The angular measure 1.0 radian is equal to

A) 0.0175°.

B) 57.3°.

C) 1.57°.

D) 3.14°.

E) 6.28°.

2. A bicycle travels 141 m along a circular track of radius 30 m. What is the angular displacement in radians of the bicycle from its starting position?

3. What is the angular speed in
rad/s of the second hand of a watch?

4. The Earth takes slightly less than one day to complete one rotation about the axis passing through its poles. The actual time is 8.616 × 104 s. Given this information, what is the angular speed of the Earth about its axis?

5. A wheel with a 0.10-m radius is rotating at 35 rev/s. It then slows uniformly to 15 rev/s over a 3.0-s interval. What is the angular acceleration of a point on the wheel?

6. During the spin-dry cycle of a washing machine, the motor slows from 90 rad/s to 30 rad/s while the turning the drum through an angle of 180 radians. What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the motor?

7. A fan rotating with an initial angular velocity of 1000 rev/min is switched off. In 2 seconds, the angular velocity decreases to 200 rev/min. Assuming the angular acceleration is constant, how many revolutions does the blade undergo during this time?

8. During the time a compact disc (CD) accelerates from rest to a constant rotational speed of 477 rev/min, it rotates through an angular displacement of 0.250 rev. What is the angular acceleration of the CD?

A grindstone of radius 4.0 m is initially spinning with an angular speed of 8.0 rad/s. The angular speed is then increased to 12 rad/s over the next 4.0 seconds. Assume that the angular acceleration is constant.

9. What is the average angular speed of the grindstone?

10. A grindstone, initially at rest, is given a constant angular acceleration so that it makes 20.0 rev in the first 8.00 s. What is its angular acceleration?

11. A wheel, originally rotating at 126 rad/s undergoes a constant angular deceleration of 5.00 rad/s2. What is its angular speed after it has turned through an angle of 628 radians?

12. A wheel turns through an angle of 188 radians in 8.0 s; and its angular speed at the end of the period is 44 rad/s. If the angular acceleration is constant, what was the angular speed of the wheel at the beginning of the 8.0 s interval?

13. A spinning disc rotating at 130 rev/min slows and stops 31 s later. How many revolutions did the disc make during this time?

14. A 1.0-m roulette wheel reaches a maximum angular speed of 18 rad/s before it begins decelerating. After reaching this maximum angular speed, it turns through 35 revolutions before it stops. How long did it take the wheel to stop after reaching its maximum angular speed?

15. One revolution per minute is about:

A) 0.0524 rad/s

B) 0.105 rad/s

C) 0.95 rad/s

D) 1.57 rad/s

E) 6.28 rad/s

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